Mold Remediation

Molds are very common in buildings and homes and will grow indoors anywhere where there is moisture. CladosporiumPenicilliumAspergillus, and Alternaria are the most common indoor molds. In addition to damaging walls, furniture, and materials like carpets and upholstery, molds often cause serious health problems, producing allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins) that can activate allergic reactions, aggravate asthma, and even lead to death.

If you have encountered or suspect mold in your home or business, you need to address it right away to reduce chance of illness and structural damage.

Creative Carpet Care and Restoration offers mold remediation, which involves identifying and addressing mold issues in a structure, preventing its spread by isolating damaged areas, removing affected material, and eliminating moisture sources—the cause of the mold—in order to restore a healthy environment.

Mold remediation steps

Effective mold remediation requires professional training and tools—just cleaning with bleach and water does not do the job. Reversing the risks and damage caused by mold requires detailed assessment of the nature and extent of the problem; care to avoid spreading dangerous mold spores; and safe removal, cleaning, and, in many cases, reconstruction of affected materials.. 

The professionals at Creative Carpet Care and Restoration are trained to handle hazardous material safely and eliminate the spread of mold to other rooms. Expert mold remediation includes:

  • Assessment
    Creative Carpet Care and Restoration staff come into your home to identify mold-damaged areas (many which may not be readily visible) and determine the sources of the moisture. This will lead to a mold remediation plan.
  • Containment
    Once we have addressed the moisture problem, we close off the affected area to avoid contaminating the rest of your home with mold spores stirred up during the removal process.
  • Filtration
    Creative Carpet Care and Restoration uses fans and air purifiers with HEPA filters to remove all mold spores from the air. 
  • Removal
    Mold can infiltrate building materials and personal belongings in your home or business. As a living organism, mold deeply ingrains itself into materials to survive, so it is best to dispose of anything porous that has been impacted. Removal of affected material is the safest and most effective way to ensure mold doesn’t return. Antimicrobial cleaners can be used to clean nonporous materials, and sealants may be used to keep treated areas more resistant to water and mold. Your heating and air conditioning systems may need professional cleaning as well. Creative Carpet Care and Restoration will help with these assessments.
  • Drying
    After remediation, cleaned and repaired items will need to remain thoroughly dry. Excessive moisture led to this issue—your mold remediation specialist will talk through moisture management strategies.
  • Testing
    Following remediation, we search for any signs of recurrent water damage, moldy odors or visible mold to ensure the cleanup has been successful.